Discover Ravenscar,  the town that never was

  • Ravenscar Tracker Pack
    Ravenscar Tracker Pack
Ravenscar is a quirky village built on spectacular cliffs. During Victorian times there were big plans for the village to rival Scarborough and Whitby, until the company responsible for its development became bankrupt.

Ravenscar (or Peak as it was known until 1897) was originally a hotbed of industry. It was one of the earliest chemical works in Britain, producing a chemical called Alum that was used in the textile industry to fix dyes on cloth and in the tanning industry to make leather supple and more durable.

During the early 1900s, plans were made to turn the village into a tourist resort to rival the popularity of nearby Scarborough. Roads were made, foundations were laid and sewers dug out. However, the expansion of the village never happened – the plans were eventually abandoned when the company responsible for its development became bankrupt. Today, parts of the unfinished village remain – eerily quiet streets in which nobody has ever lived...

The best way to appreciate Ravenscar’s incredible past is to hire out The History Detectives Tracker Pack, which is available to help families and other interested groups learn more about the history and wildlife of Ravenscar. The Tracker Pack will help you to understand why Ravenscar became “the town that never was”, why the local rocks are so special and how local industry shaped the landscape. The Tracker Pack is free to hire from the National Trust visitor centre at Ravenscar.

For a taster of what the Tracker Pack has to offer, click on the download link below to obtain a copy of the Pack (minus the necessary equipment).


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