Count the 199 steps and enjoy some kippers at Whitby

  • Whitby Regatta fireworks © Colin Carter
Whitby, like Scarborough, offers a perfect seaside experience.

The 199 steps are a unique attraction in Whitby, luring visitors to make the demanding – yet rewarding! – climb down and up them. It is customary to count the steps as you climb and join the debate as to whether there really are 199 steps. Just try not to lose count...

Whitby is famous for offering a traditional seaside experience and the walk is a great way to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the town and its many attractions.

Explore the ruins of the Abbey. Discover shipwrecks in the harbour. Follow the Dracula story (Whitby is where the boat carrying Dracula runs aground in Bram Stoker’s novel). Step aboard a replica of Captain Cook’s ship, Bark Endeavour and make your own discoveries in and around the town.

You might also like to try some of Whitby’s famous kippers from the town’s only surviving traditional kipper house, Fortune’s Smokehouse and Kipper Shop. Here they continue to use smoking, the traditional method for preserving fish.

Download the walking leaflet below for details of a circular walk - great for escaping from the crowds on a busy day! Or simply enjoy a walk around the town at your leisure.


Walking leaflet: 

Location map

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Whitby Abbey car park
3.2 km (2 miles)
2 hours
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OL27 North York Moors Eastern area (Whitby Town Map also useful)